Not your grandmother's poetry

Who we are
The Pink Petticoat Press is an environmentally conscious small press with a bias toward poetry by women and for everyone.

Our Mission
We believe poetry to be the highest form of the written word. Our mission is to publish the work of exceptional women poets in a well designed format worthy to contain such treasure.

Our commitment to the environment
We are proud to use
print-on-demand for our books, as we feel it to be the most ethical way of publishing and continuing to enjoy the printed word, while sparing our precious resources.

Submissions are accepted by invitation only.  We actively seek our poets among journals both online and in print.

Our passion
We are highly selective, and we produce only a few books a year. Our books are sold at deep discount in order to promote the revival of fine poetry in an elegant format. The price of our books in no way reflects their quality or the value of their contents. Money is not and never will be our objective. Poetry is not a business. Poetry is our passion.

A parting word to poets seeking publication
Please note that we do NOT accept payment from our authors, and this is NOT a vanity press. If you are a poet seeking publication, you should never be required to pay a publisher. Please do not fall prey to thieves who practice that kind of chicanery.

L. Freeman


 Congratulations to our Pushcart Prize Nominees for 2011!

Margot Brown

Since Sexton from Leave of Absence

Carla Martin-Wood

Dark Lullaby from Into the Windfall Light

Endangered from Into the Windfall Light

Windfall meditation from Into the Windfall Light

Brenda Levy Tate

Calving Season from Wingflash

I No Gone Cat, You Just Not See Me from Wingflash


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Stories from Eden
Carla Martin-Wood

"In this 50th anniversary year of Rachel Carson's classic, Silent Spring, Carla Martin-Wood has devoted the entire first section of her newest collection to the environment. If Carson's book was a wakeup call, Shadows over Eden, eleven poems in Martin-Wood’s Stories from Eden, is a blistering, yet mournful plea on behalf of Gaia and her children."  Margot Brown, Editor, Fortunate Childe Anthologies, Pushcart Prize nominee, author Leave of Absence (The Pink Petticoat Press)

Into the Windfall Light
Carla Martin-Wood

Nine-time Pushcart Prize nominee Carla Martin-Wood boldly confronts loss in this latest collection of her moving and lyrical poems. Yet, the poet finds victory over sorrow and mourning through the learned art of uncovering beauty in mundane and unexpected places. Stunning imagery, a tapestry of dark and light. A must-read!



Brenda Levy Tate

Three-time Pushcart Prize nominee Brenda Levy Tate sweeps us away into fascinating waters, on which we can float gently, carried along by elegant and unexpected imagery, or dive deep and find ourselves pulled into a maelstrom of complex symbolism. A literary feast not to be missed!


Leave of Absence
Margot Brown

In her debut chapbook, Margot Brown explores coming of age and coming to grips with relationships, loss, loneliness, the discovery that our idols often leave muddy tracks across our hearts, and finding that our love for them is not diminished. A gritty, urbane slice of life in retrospect to which so many of us can relate. Heartily recommended!



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